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Blitz is known as Nivaran’s international Brand in the world. Niavaran Company is a family base business which helps plants of virgin oil extraction to establish and develop. We produce environment friendly screw press machines and we ensure that our products contain highest level of safety and quality. Our machines operate with low costs in a durable lifetime. Blitz products are tested and optimized in our in-house technical center.
Seeds get pressed in our unique press machines, with no chemical’s additives and through an extremely low frictional heat. Extracted oil through this method completely differs from refined oil which is extracted by hot-press process. Cold press method protects Seed nutrients and offers you healthy oil with rich flavor.

Screw Seed Press in Small Scale

FROM 8 to 40 kg/h

• Gentle cold pressing
• No need to add moisture or additives
• Virgin oil production without refinery
• Digital temperature control system
• Easy and silent operation
• High efficiency (up to 95% oil extraction)
• Output speed regulation, 5-60 rpm
• High quality hardened steel tools

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Screw Seed Press in Medium Scale

FROM 60 to 140 kg/h

• New generation of Cold Press Machine
• Gentle cold pressing
• No need to add moisture or additives
• Virgin oil production without refinery
• Adjustable operating pressure
• Low maintenance
• Compatible with different climatic condition
• Easy adjustment for soft/hard seeds
• High quality hardened steel tools
• Elegant in design - Optimal in size

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What do you know about cold press method?

The oils you use for everyday cooking are extracted from seeds, fruits, vegetables and nuts. From olive oil to sesame oil, the way that oil is extracted has a direct effect on how the oil tastes in your food and the amount of nutrients it has to offer. Using heat to extract the oil produces more of it, but heat can degrade the oil's flavor and nutritional quality. Using low-heat methods produced higher quality oil, albeit in lesser quantities.

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